Weapons Safety

Fire Arms Safety

1. All firearms should arrive at the field unloaded.

2. All Flintlock weapons must have installed flashguard and hamerstall.

3. No weapon will be allowed to field if it slips out of half cock when activated by the trigger on your finger.

4. All parts of the firearm must fit tightly and properly and no weapon may field with cracks or checks in the stock.

5. No smokeless powder in brass cartridge fed weapons or muzzle loading weapons.

6. Muzzle load weapons to use black powder and brass cartridge fed weapons to use either manufacturer’s blanks or reloads made to manufacturer’s specifications.

7. Never aim at an opponent.  Rather aim above head or at feet.

8. When firing a safe distance is 30 feet or greater.

9. No unplanned hand-to hand combat.


Edged Weapons Safety

1. A proper scabbard is required for edged weapons, including but not limited to swords, bayonets, knives, tomahawks, and hatchets.

2. No engagement of swordplay.

3. No knives, tomahawks, or hatchets drawn on the field

4. Bayonet charges no nearer opposing side than 20 feet.

5. No unplanned hand-to hand combat.


Artillery Safety

1. All members on a team to know job requirements and relevant safety rules.

2. The powder box to be maintained 15 feet to the rear of the trails.

3. No more than 4 oz per inch of bore per charge.


Maximum Blank Loads

Pistol, Rifle 70 grains FFFG/ 90 grains FFG
Fowler, Brown Bess, Charleville 110 gr. FFFG/125 gr. FFG
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