The Reenactors Group: Who Can Join?

The Reenactors Group: Who Can Join?

The Reenactors Group’s membership program, which includes comprehensive reenactment insurance coverage was created for groups or individuals who are reenactors or members of reenactment clubs or groups.   As long as the focus of your group or club is related primarily to historical reenactment, then you are eligible to join The Reenactors Group.


The reenactor insurance coverage provided through The Reenactors Group includes important liability protection for each individual for liability claims arising out of the actions of the individual.  The reenactment insurance coverage is provided be a carrier rate A+ (superior) by A.M. Best Company.


Additionally, members of The Reenactors Group are committed to safety and professionalism at all times.  We know that accidents can happen, but we strive to ensure a safe environment to share and experience history.


Our members come from across the United States and represent multiple historical time periods, from pirates to mountain men, from the French and Indian War to WWII, from Renaissance to Viking.  Any reenactor who is committed to safety and sharing history with others is welcome.  Let’s keep history ALIVE!

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