The Reenactors Group Reenactment Safety Standards

The Reenactors Group Reenactment Safety Standards

Reenactment Safety Standards are now listed prominently on the website.  Our team has included minimum safety standards across genres that will help to keep our reenactments safe and professional.  Weapons safety includes firearms, edged weapons and artillery.  Camp and field safety standards for gun powder, fires, first aid, animals, and alcohol use are detailed.  And public safety is addressed for camps and demonstrations.

Please check out The Reenactors Group General Safety Standards and let us know if you have any suggested changes.  We wanted to list a minimum, so we could apply to all the genres in our group and covered by our insurance.  The main goal is to keep our members safe, keep our friends and fellow reenactors safe, and keep the public safe.

In the works is a Medical Form that lists health concerns and medications that can be printed and brought with your Certificate of Insurance to events to make sure you are safe.

Thank you for your commitment to safety!

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