The Antique Gas and Steam Engine Museum- & the Civil War Reenactment.

This week Will Roberts ( feature reporter) went out to the Antique Gas and Steam Engine Museum to the Civil War Reenactment brought to you by:  Lt Colonel W.J. Schumann Squadron Commander. 

Lt Colonel W.J. Schurmann Squadron Commander

Lt Colonel W.J. Schurmann
Squadron Commander


Unit History
A Brief History of Company I, Second US Cavalry

The Second United States Cavalry Regiment has a long and illustrious history, and today it is one of the oldest continuously serving units in the United States Army. The Second Cavalry began life as the Second Regiment of US Dragoons by Congressional Order on May 23, 1836. Today, the men ride Abrams tanks and Bradley AFV’s, and are known as the Second Armored Cavalry Regiment.

We quote the following, written in 1875 by one its former commanding officers, General Theophilus Rodenbaugh:
“For nearly half a century the Second Regiment United States Dragoons and its successor, the Second Cavalry has been closely identified with the growth and glory of the nation, and fills an honorable place in its history. Its colors have been borne with credit from the deadly swamps and burning sun of Florida to the snow capped peaks and grand canyons of Montana; from the Potomac to the Rio Grande; from the Arkansas to the Platte. No other public servants have more faithfully, cheerfully, and thoroughly performed their duty than the officers and soldiers of this proud and gallant corps. No matter if that duty lay in hunting the crafty Seminole through the almost trackless waste of the Everglades, or in the capture of a Mexican battery; the pursuit of Apaches among the defiles of the Rocky Mountains, or the prevention of civil war in Kansas; a march to Utah in midwinter, or watching the prophet in Salt Lake City; campaigning with McClellan on the Chickahominy, or with Meade upon the Rappahannock; raiding with Stoneman on the Peninsula or charging with Sheridan in the Shenandoah.”

This narrative could go on, but be it enough to say that the Second Cavalry Regiment’s service goes far beyond our Civil War, and we would like to report that the Regiment is today alive and well in its quarters at Fort Polk, Louisiana. As far as General Rodenbaugh’s narrative is concerned, if we take “campaigning with McClellan” out of the narrative, Company I of the Second was in the thick of our nation’s history for their first thirty years of existence, though the boys of Company I came to the Civil War a bit late, in December of 1862.

When the war commenced in April, 1861, Company I found itself campaigning with Company G of the Second in Taos, New Mexico, where they had the unpleasant duty of trying to pacify the Apaches, a thankless task that was not accomplished until the 1890s. Prior to this, the company found itself at war with the Seminoles in the 1830s and early 40s, then assigned to Fort Jesup in Louisiana until the hostilities with Mexico.

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