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Jeff Mach

Jeff’s heart was captured at thirteen by The Rocky Horror Picture Show. He was fascinated by how much you could change the seemingly ordinary world of a movie theatre, and create a strange, wonderful new home for people whose interests were outside the norm. He’s dedicated his life to creating those places.

As a singer-songwriter, Jeff’s work ranges from wry takes on Steampunk, tales of Faeries and their kin, and what happens when you get locked inside a dream factory. As a playwright, Jeff’s plays and musicals tend to take familiar subjects and look at them from odd angles.

Jeff was born January 27th, 1975. He’s a practicing Pagan whose chief patron is P’tah, who is either the God who created all things, or the inventor of miniatures – depending on which mythology you read. He’s also dedicated to Coyote, Eris, and Dionysus. Visit Jeff’s website at:

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As Anthony explains, “I am a storyteller. I have studied a lot of different arts because the more options you have, the more ability you have to make something magic. You can only wing it, if you have the skills to fly.”

Anthony carries U.S. Citizenship and Canadian Permanent Resident Status. He is a member of the Screen Actors Guild (SAG), Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS), Academy of Television Arts and Sciences Stunt Peer Group (ATAS), Actors Equity Association, American Federation of Television and Radio Actors, Academy of Canadian Television and Radio Actors, Union of British Columbia Performers, Society of Canadian Fight Directors and an honorary member of the Society of American Fight Directors.

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