25th anniversary of Tombstone the movie – Peter Sherayko, Lee McKechnie

25th anniversary of Tombstone the movie – Peter Sherayko, Lee McKechnie

Peter Sherayko

Hey welcome the reenactors radio this shows very special show devoted to the 25th anniversary of Tombstone the movie. Today show I have special guest Lee McKechnieMcKechnie of www.oldtombstonewesternthemepark.com and Miguel Corolla from the event out there at tombstone and Peter Sherayko: who plays Texas Jack Vermillion in the film tombstone it promises to be a great radio show please listen check it out and send it to a friend!

Peter Sherayko: Peter Sherayko, recognized historian, actor and author, is best known for his work on western movies like Tombstone and television programs like Gunny Time and Wild West Tech. He has also served as a consultant for programs such as The Truth about Jesse James for the Discover Channel, and Deadwood on HBO. His passion for the West and motion pictures inspired him to start Caravan West Productions as a means for film makers, both big and small, to easily meet the rigorous demands of the Western film genre. www.caravanwest.com/partners/


Will Roberts – The Honest Huckster.


Start: June 30
End: July 1
Event Category:
Community Events



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Important Change to our insurance offering as dictated by our Underwriters.

Important Change to our insurance offering as dictated by our Underwriters.

There has been an important Change to our insurance offering as dictated by our Underwriters.


As of today our insurance coverage is on an annual basis from April 1st thru March 31st. As a member of our group’s insurance, this means all members of the group are covered in this manner.

To help transition as smoothly as possible to this new coverage period for all, the following rate schedule will be implemented:


   Renewals and New Members joining 

From                   To                     will  pay         With a Renewal Date of:

4/1/18           9/30/18              $35                  April 1, 2019

10/1/18         12/31/18              $30                  April 1, 2019

1/1/19            3/31/19                $25                  April 1, 2019


On April 1, 2019, all renewals for the next annual coverage period from April 1, 2019, thru March 31, 2020, will not be auto-renewed thru Paypal but will be due. Beginning April 1, 2019, the fee for the annual coverage will be $40.


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Epiosde 1 Reenactors Radio – Insurance questions answered

Epiosde 1 Reenactors Radio – Insurance questions answered

Epiosde 1 Reenactors – Insurance questions answered

Listen to this radio/podcast with founder/President Will Roberts of the ReenactorsInsurance.com and Allison steves talk about some of the misconseptions about Reenactors insurance. This will be a weekly show and if you have questions that you could like asked on the show, please send us your questions through the website or call Will directly.

Will Roberts


Actor | Voice Actor | Cowboy | Weapons Trainer
Tel: 323-473-4963
E-mail – Will@ActorWillRoberts.com
twitter.com/WillRobertsActs 121,000 followers



We originally created The Reenactors Group because we are historical performers interested in ensuring safe practices and professionalism in our own work. We wanted an easy place to find reliable insurance and to form a group of individuals that want to preserve and protect history and its reenactment.

One of our main objectives was to secure an A++ rated insurance carrier that would provide reliable and consistent coverage at extremely affordable rates. CHECK!

Another goal was to make getting insurance so simple that we could spend less time doing paperwork and more time doing what we do best, performing. CHECK!

Finally, we wanted to share this insurance with other historical performers and reenactors committed to safety who need insurance and want the process to be simple because we believe in STRENGTH IN NUMBERS. CHECK!

The Reenactors Group is now a paid-membership based group of like-minded reenactors and performers. It is open to individuals and groups of all historical genres with its members committed to both safety and professionalism.

UPDATE: Recently our growing numbers of committed reenactors and performers has allowed The Reenactors Group to secure higher coverage limits at the same outstanding membership rates.
For just $39.95 a year members enjoy $2 million per occurrence and $5 million aggregate general commercial liability coverage with a unique excess medical line that covers the member personally.
This coverage is carried by EACH of our members and goes with you no matter what historical genre you represent or type of event in which you are participating. Let’s keep history alive and safe!

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The Antique Gas and Steam Engine Museum- Agsem.com & the Civil War Reenactment.

This week Will Roberts (TheReenactors.com feature reporter) went out to the Antique Gas and Steam Engine Museum Agsem.com to the Civil War Reenactment brought to you by:  Lt Colonel W.J. Schumann Squadron Commander. 

Lt Colonel W.J. Schurmann Squadron Commander

Lt Colonel W.J. Schurmann
Squadron Commander


Unit History
A Brief History of Company I, Second US Cavalry

The Second United States Cavalry Regiment has a long and illustrious history, and today it is one of the oldest continuously serving units in the United States Army. The Second Cavalry began life as the Second Regiment of US Dragoons by Congressional Order on May 23, 1836. Today, the men ride Abrams tanks and Bradley AFV’s, and are known as the Second Armored Cavalry Regiment.

We quote the following, written in 1875 by one its former commanding officers, General Theophilus Rodenbaugh:
“For nearly half a century the Second Regiment United States Dragoons and its successor, the Second Cavalry has been closely identified with the growth and glory of the nation, and fills an honorable place in its history. Its colors have been borne with credit from the deadly swamps and burning sun of Florida to the snow capped peaks and grand canyons of Montana; from the Potomac to the Rio Grande; from the Arkansas to the Platte. No other public servants have more faithfully, cheerfully, and thoroughly performed their duty than the officers and soldiers of this proud and gallant corps. No matter if that duty lay in hunting the crafty Seminole through the almost trackless waste of the Everglades, or in the capture of a Mexican battery; the pursuit of Apaches among the defiles of the Rocky Mountains, or the prevention of civil war in Kansas; a march to Utah in midwinter, or watching the prophet in Salt Lake City; campaigning with McClellan on the Chickahominy, or with Meade upon the Rappahannock; raiding with Stoneman on the Peninsula or charging with Sheridan in the Shenandoah.”

This narrative could go on, but be it enough to say that the Second Cavalry Regiment’s service goes far beyond our Civil War, and we would like to report that the Regiment is today alive and well in its quarters at Fort Polk, Louisiana. As far as General Rodenbaugh’s narrative is concerned, if we take “campaigning with McClellan” out of the narrative, Company I of the Second was in the thick of our nation’s history for their first thirty years of existence, though the boys of Company I came to the Civil War a bit late, in December of 1862.

When the war commenced in April, 1861, Company I found itself campaigning with Company G of the Second in Taos, New Mexico, where they had the unpleasant duty of trying to pacify the Apaches, a thankless task that was not accomplished until the 1890s. Prior to this, the company found itself at war with the Seminoles in the 1830s and early 40s, then assigned to Fort Jesup in Louisiana until the hostilities with Mexico.

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Jeff Mach creator of the Steampunk worlds fair on Reenactors Radio!


Weekly Reenactors Radio Broadcast. : This Week: Jeff Mach creator of the Steampunk worlds fair


Jeff Mach

Jeff’s heart was captured at thirteen by The Rocky Horror Picture Show. He was fascinated by how much you could change the seemingly ordinary world of a movie theatre, and create a strange, wonderful new home for people whose interests were outside the norm. He’s dedicated his life to creating those places.

As a singer-songwriter, Jeff’s work ranges from wry takes on Steampunk, tales of Faeries and their kin, and what happens when you get locked inside a dream factory. As a playwright, Jeff’s plays and musicals tend to take familiar subjects and look at them from odd angles.

Jeff was born January 27th, 1975. He’s a practicing Pagan whose chief patron is P’tah, who is either the God who created all things, or the inventor of miniatures – depending on which mythology you read. He’s also dedicated to Coyote, Eris, and Dionysus. Visit Jeff’s website at: 2016.steampunkworldsfair.com

Brought to you by TheReenactors.com 
We originally created The Reenactors Group because we are historical performers interested in ensuring safe practices and professionalism in our own work. We wanted an easy place to find reliable insurance and to form a group of individuals that want to preserve and protect history and its reenactment.

Are you committed to safety and professionalism and also interested in the best reenactors insurance available? If yes, then join us at The Reenactors Group. Membership is $35 per year and includes insurance coverage.
Go here: reenactorsinsurance.com/what-i-do/

 Also on this weeks show: ___________________________________________________________________________________AAnthony De Longis – Top weapons expert in Hollywood


As Anthony explains, “I am a storyteller. I have studied a lot of different arts because the more options you have, the more ability you have to make something magic. You can only wing it, if you have the skills to fly.”

Anthony carries U.S. Citizenship and Canadian Permanent Resident Status. He is a member of the Screen Actors Guild (SAG), Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS), Academy of Television Arts and Sciences Stunt Peer Group (ATAS), Actors Equity Association, American Federation of Television and Radio Actors, Academy of Canadian Television and Radio Actors, Union of British Columbia Performers, Society of Canadian Fight Directors and an honorary member of the Society of American Fight Directors.


Reenactors Radio host Will Roberts brings you the best of the best of the Reenactors, film, and anything that has to do with the world of Reenactment each week.  This weekly Reenactors radio show is an 30-40 minute show of Reenactor related topics.  We add to that, a big focus on the business of Reenacting and safety and how to be the most creative entertainer you can be.


The Radio Show Host: 

Reenactors Radio host: Actor Will Roberts 

WillPic Will is a professional SAG actor, radio producer, and syndicated radio host.  Will brings his conversational style interviewing skills to Reenactors radio each week with some of the best and top reenactors and historians in the industry.

While social media, texting and smart phones have taken the place of good old-fashioned conversation, Will Roberts has gone back to the basics. He is a host who makes room for two-way discussion and the opinions of others while never missing an opportunity to lighten the moment with his quick witted humor. WillSays.com

Will is also a top trick roper, Former Cirque du Soleil act and Guinness World record holder with single action guns.


Twitter: WillRobertsUSA * Instagram: ActorWillRoberts



Reenactors Interviews – before the interview preparations.Old west civil war interviews

We want to make sure that the interview accurately portrays you and promotes you to the greatest extent possible.  In order to achieve these ends please send the following to Will@TheReenactors.com prior to your Interview:

1. Any relevant info you may have that you feel will help with the interview (e.g., websites, resume, bio, photos, videos).
2. Brief Bio for website.  Please see the following past interviews as examples:

3. Be sure to include any group affiliations or sponsors

In addition, make sure that you have a member description on TheReenactors.com along with any important links back to your affiliated websites.  If you have accounts with social networks, then list these in your description as well.

The Interview will be 30 minutes in length and will be posted on the site the week following the actual interview.  If you have questions regarding the overall topic, then please let Will know prior to the interview date, so he can fully address any concerns.


TheReenactors.com will promote the interview throughout its social network (Twitter, Google News, Facebook, newsletters, community blogs).  Please share the link with friends, group members or sponsors and encourage them to join and “Like” or comment on your interview.  The more comments and cross-promotion through social networks the greater the long-term promotional impact.


If possible, please add a link to your TheReenactors.com interview on your website or embed the radio show on your website or Facebook to allow your visitors to listen to your interview and to increase the promotional impact on search engines.  Your interview at TheReenactors.com is intended to portray you as the expert, so we encourage you to spotlight your expertise.

If you would like to be a guest on the radio show please just send Will Roberts a request with your bio and what topic or event you want to talk about – Will@ActorWillRoberts.com 



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The Reenactors Group Reenactment Safety Standards

The Reenactors Group Reenactment Safety Standards

Reenactment Safety Standards are now listed prominently on the website.  Our team has included minimum safety standards across genres that will help to keep our reenactments safe and professional.  Weapons safety includes firearms, edged weapons and artillery.  Camp and field safety standards for gun powder, fires, first aid, animals, and alcohol use are detailed.  And public safety is addressed for camps and demonstrations.

Please check out The Reenactors Group General Safety Standards and let us know if you have any suggested changes.  We wanted to list a minimum, so we could apply to all the genres in our group and covered by our insurance.  The main goal is to keep our members safe, keep our friends and fellow reenactors safe, and keep the public safe.

In the works is a Medical Form that lists health concerns and medications that can be printed and brought with your Certificate of Insurance to events to make sure you are safe.

Thank you for your commitment to safety!

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