Epiosde 1 Reenactors Radio – Insurance questions answered

Epiosde 1 Reenactors Radio – Insurance questions answered

Epiosde 1 Reenactors – Insurance questions answered

Listen to this radio/podcast with founder/President Will Roberts of the ReenactorsInsurance.com and Allison steves talk about some of the misconseptions about Reenactors insurance. This will be a weekly show and if you have questions that you could like asked on the show, please send us your questions through the website or call Will directly.

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We originally created The Reenactors Group because we are historical performers interested in ensuring safe practices and professionalism in our own work. We wanted an easy place to find reliable insurance and to form a group of individuals that want to preserve and protect history and its reenactment.

One of our main objectives was to secure an A++ rated insurance carrier that would provide reliable and consistent coverage at extremely affordable rates. CHECK!

Another goal was to make getting insurance so simple that we could spend less time doing paperwork and more time doing what we do best, performing. CHECK!

Finally, we wanted to share this insurance with other historical performers and reenactors committed to safety who need insurance and want the process to be simple because we believe in STRENGTH IN NUMBERS. CHECK!

The Reenactors Group is now a paid-membership based group of like-minded reenactors and performers. It is open to individuals and groups of all historical genres with its members committed to both safety and professionalism.

UPDATE: Recently our growing numbers of committed reenactors and performers has allowed The Reenactors Group to secure higher coverage limits at the same outstanding membership rates.
For just $39.95 a year members enjoy $2 million per occurrence and $5 million aggregate general commercial liability coverage with a unique excess medical line that covers the member personally.
This coverage is carried by EACH of our members and goes with you no matter what historical genre you represent or type of event in which you are participating. Let’s keep history alive and safe!

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Reenactor Insurance Coverage Questions Answered

Reenactor Insurance Coverage Questions Answered

Here are some more insurance questions that we brought to our agent, Allison Steeves.  One of the most important questions asked was about The Reenactors Performance Group’s excess medical line of coverage that protects reenactors and historical performers personally.  Many people wrongfully assume that all reenactors insurance covers them personally in the event of an injury.  In fact, general commercial libility typically covers damages they cause to others and property.  The Reenactors Performance Group has taken living history coverage one step further and made sure each member is covered if there is an accident.  This is a unique and VERY IMPORTANT feature of The Reenactors Performance Group’s insurance coverage.

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Continuing Tradition

Continuing Tradition

Although this website is new, our group and insurance policy have been in existence for over ten years.  We have recently expanded our group and this existing insurance policy to reenactors and historical performers interested in encouraging safety at events.

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Reenactor and Living History Weapons Safety

Reenactor and Living History Weapons Safety

As historical performers and reenactors we know that weapons are often a critical player in our performance.  Weaponry has played a critical role in history.  Of course, safety is essential in any reenactment and living history situation – our adherence to safety demonstrates our respect for history.

Below is the section on Weapons Safety from the Living History Association’s safety Manual for all Historical Eras.


Weapons Safety

I. Fire Arms Safety

A. All Flintlock weapons must have installed on them a flashguard and hamerstall.

B. No weapon will be allowed to field if it slips out of half cock when activated by the trigger on your finger (full weight of weapon on trigger or normal pressure applied).

C. All parts of the weapon must fit properly and tightly.

D. No weapon may field with checks or cracks in any part of the stock.

E. Only black powder may be used in muzzle loading weapons. No smokeless powder should ever be used in these weapons.

F. Pistols must be only carried or used by Officers, NCOs, Artillerymen, and Cavalrymen according to their era regulations.

G. Puffed wheat, cream of wheat, extremely thin slices of cork and peanut butter or other fully combustable materials are allowed as wadding for black powder revolvers. Do not use wax, wool, or “wonder wads”. Anything that does not completely burn within 10 feet of the end of the barrell becomes a projectile.

H. Brass cartridge fed weapons must use either manufacturer’s blanks or reloads made to the manufacturer’s specifications. Smokeless powder can not be used in black powder cartridges.

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Reenactor Insurance Coverage: Whips, Gun Blanks, Cannons . . . OH MY!

Reenactor Insurance Coverage: Whips, Gun Blanks, Cannons . . . OH MY!

The Reenactors Performance Group was created by historical performers in an effort to ensure safety and professionalism in the industry, while also securing complete and comprehensive insurance coverage.  For this reason, it was and is essential for our living history insurance policy to cover all of the tools and weaponry that accompany historical reenactments and living history situations.


Here are some of the questions we asked our insurance carrier regarding our $2 million/$5 million insurance policy that includes an excess medical line – we are the best insured reenactors and historical performers out there!!!!

If members use bullwhips during a living history situation, reenactment or performance are they covered?



Are cannons in the field covered by the reenactor insurance policy?

Yes, but no real ammunition can be used.

If blank guns and rifles are used in a reenactment or living history situation are we covered?

Yes.  No real or live ammunition is permitted, but prop guns and blanks are covered.

Can we reenact a shoot-out or duel and be covered?

Yes, but again the reenactment must not include real or live ammunition.

If I do an historically based act on my own am I covered?

Yes you are as long as you are insured as a reenactor in the The Reenactors Performance Group’s program.

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