Buffalo Soldiers 150th Anniversary Challenge Coin

Buffalo Soldiers 150th Anniversary Challenge Coin

Buffalo Soldiers 150th Anniversary Challenge Coin

In 2016, the United States Army celebrates the 150th anniversary of the famed “Buffalo Soldiers”. To mark the occasion the BSMCU has joined forces with 10H Outfitters to create a commemorative challenge coin that celebrates and honors these brave soldiers who served their country with honor, valor and courage. 10H Outfitters and the BSMCU admire their contributions and are proud to carry-on their lasting legacy of courage, service, and honor.


You can purchase a symbol of history, the “Buffalo Soldier Challenge Coin.”

Following the Civil War, in the Summer of 1866, Congress increased the size of the U.S. Cavalry and created the 7th, 8th, 9th, and 10th Cavalries. The 9th and 10th were comprised of all “colored men.” Some were former members of the United States Colored Troops who fought during the Civil War and there were others who volunteered. They were sent to the expanding Western frontier to protect European Americans, and to help settle the Wild West. Because of their fighting spirit, Native American Indians first called these soldiers “Wild Buffalo Men.” Over time the name was changed to “Buffalo Soldiers.” Buffalo Soldiers fought gallantly in every American war beginning with the Frontier Wars, and all wars of the 20th and 21st Century.

Today the Buffalo Soldier Mounted Cavalry Unit (BSMCU) is a group of living history educators based in Southern California. BSMCU has produced a challenge coin that celebrates the legacy of cc3-300x200the Buffalo Soldiers. This elegant coin measures 1.75” in diameter and has an antique gold finish. Side one highlights the 150th Anniversary, 1866-2016, U.S. Army and side two highlights an American flag, cross sabers with Troop 10H, Buffalo Soldier Mounted Cavalry Unit spelled out around the edge of the coin.

Use PayPal to purchase your challenge coin today. Go to www.10Houtfitters.com. Only $18.00 plus $5.00 shipping.

150th Anniversary of the Bufffalo Soldier CHALLENGE COIN!



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